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Orthopaedic Surgery India is a leading specialty healthcare service provider based in South Asia. Our mission is to provide informed & affordable health choices available to international patients who are seeking standard procedures for conditions relating to the musculoskeletal system. Orthopaedic Surgery India features an extensive network comprising of top orthopedic surgeons & accredited multispecialty hospital facilities in the country. Most modern medical facilities offered by Orthopaedic Surgery India are comparable with the best which is available in Western & European countries. Hospitals associated with us are well equipped with state-of-the-art equipment alongside an excellent infrastructure that is managed by the finest medical experts who are adept in handling a wide spectrum of complex orthopedic issues, including congenital defects.

Top orthopedic treatment packages offered by Orthopaedic Surgery India are not just best in class, but our unique cost control formula is in fact meant to help international patients get the best quality of medical procedures & treatments at prices which are just a fraction of what they would have ended up paying in other developed countries. Moreover, our track record is here to prove that success of outcomes for popular procedures like total knee replacement & total hip replacement surgeries is at par with the best in the world. High quality, affordable costs & prompt treatments without any waiting period is the hallmark of Orthopaedic Surgery India.

Traveling across international borders seeking healthcare has never been as easy as it is nowadays. Seamless services offered by Orthopaedic Surgery India have simplified this for you. Our services cover the minutest detail of your health travel plan mainly because we understand what it is to undergo medical treatments in a foreign land. Our services which begin with the first conversation between us, go on to help you identify the best orthopedic surgeon & the most suitable hospital facility for treatment. Orthopaedic Surgery India will subsequently assist you & your accompany obtain medical visas to travel to India for treatments. Our representative will receive you at the airport on arrival; arrange local transportation & accommodation near the treatment facility. Other services offered by Orthopaedic Surgery India include arranging a translator in case you have language problems, scheduling diagnostic & treatment appointments with doctors; arranging recuperative holidays at exotic tourist destinations at reasonable costs if desired & scheduling follow-up checks with doctors before you fly back home after successful outcomes.


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